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Business Directory

Get found on up to 30 local
and international online Business directories such as Google, Facebook, Bing and more.
Help Customers Find
Your Store Fast
88% of users call or visit a local business within 24 hours after their search. Don’t lose these potential customers.
With Business Directory, list your business on the most popular local and global online directories – including GPS systems. Simply submit your business information to up to 30 online directories in a single click.
Increase your foot traffic, search rankings, and sales with Business Directory today.
Choose Your Business Directory Plan
1 Year
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3 Years


Be seen on top local listing sites using any device
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Features You’ll Enjoy
Fast and
Fill up and submit your business information to all selected directories in one click.
Guaranteed listings
Our systems ensure that all directory entries are valid and up-to-date to guarantee listing.
Always expanding
Stay in the loop on service upgrades and newly added directories to keep expanding your business’s reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Directory?

A business directory is an online listing where businesses provide their information, such as their business name and address, products and services, contact numbers, and more.

Why should I list my brand on business directories?

Listing your brand on local and global directories allows you to appear on these platforms when potential customers search for your business online.

You also appear on popular GPS apps whenever a customer near your area searches for your products/services.

Additionally, getting listed on online directories helps improve your search engine ranking, placing you ahead of competitors — both online and offline.

What information should I include in my Business Directory profile?

To create your Business Directory profile, you need to provide the following business information:

  • Name and location
  • Payment option
  • Contact details
  • Business hours
  • Logo & images
  • Business description
  • Attributes

What's the difference between Business Directory and Domain Listing?

Business Directory submits your website to local and international directories, depending on your chosen plan.

Domain Listing, or TOP4, is an add-on service you can avail after registering your domain. It also submits your website to multiple online directories but only supports Australian businesses.

If you want to reach a global audience and maximise search engine visibility, go for Business Directory.

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