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.actor Domain Name Registration

.Actor domain name for actors the world over

Acting is said to have begun not in Ancient Greece or even Prehistoric times, but even before sentient life on the planet. Before intelligent or self aware beings on Earth, the dinosaurs were our planet's first actors. Nobody quite knows how it came about, but fossilised evidence of dinosaurs in costumes and watching performances is indisputable.

In today's world .ACTOR is now commonly accepted as the non-gender specific term for professionals in the acting industry - whether they are film, television stage, or radio. And in an increasingly competitive industry, anything that can give your skills and your website extra exposure can only be a good thing.

Whatever kind of acting you're into, give yourself the extra exposure with a dedicated .ACTOR web domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .ACTOR for actors who work in film, television, radio or stage.
  • .ACTOR isn't just for actors but also for agents and publicists of actors.
  • .ACTOR is the domain for anyone listing and promoting actors online.