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.vip Domain Name Registration

.VIP domain for a prestige online reputation

Show off your prestige online presence with .VIP.

A .VIP domain exudes notability. One look at your website and visitors know you offer something exclusive — be it a deal, membership, product, or service.

If you're a celebrity, public personality, or running a business for the A-list, a .VIP address shows you're respected in the industry. Secure yours today before your competitors do.

A .VIP domain doesn't mean you need to give up your existing .com address. Ask us how you can point your new .VIP address to your existing domain today.

  • .VIP is for individuals and businesses who want a prestigious online presence.
  • .VIP fits luxury and lifestyle brands looking to leave a memorable impression.
  • .VIP is the domain of choice for prominent figures (e.g. celebrities, politicians, and public figures)
  • .VIP stands for "Very Important Person" — showing off your excellent standing in the industry.