The fight for inclusivity and acceptance for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioningcommunity carries on each dayWith a .gay domain, a fair, progressive future looms—and it looks brighter than ever.

Nowadays, customers don’t expect brands and businesses to only offer useful products and services. They also want to see them advancing for social good by including people of all genders.

When companies use their brand to support LGBTQ equality, they open their doors for the community and keep younger consumers engaged.

If you own a website or planning on creating one for your business, here are five ways your business can celebrate, connect, and advocate with a .gay domain.

How .GAY Transforms Brands and Businesses Online


Provide a safe online space 

A .gay domain allows businesses and organisations of any size to engage with LGBTQ communities — ensuring a safer, more supportive, and more uplifting digital space.

.gay is serious when it comes to protecting the community. The .gay rights protections policy exists to establish .gay as an LGBTQ-friendly online space. It discourages homophobic and harmful acts and provides stringent actions against websites that intentionally harm the LGBTQ community.

Hate groups and its members are also banned from using the .gay domain to ensure safe usage for the community and supporters.

Gain loyalty from younger generations

LGBTQ rights are one of the top social causes young people are passionate about. Over 90% of Gen-Z believes in the equality and fair treatment of the community. And since they comprise a huge chunk of the populationmore and more mainstream brands have publicly come out in support of LGBTQ rights and causes.

Millennials and Gen-Z are more likely to develop brand loyalty when you show transparency in your marketing efforts and take clear actions backing up the gay community.

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Connect with an LGBTQ audience  

A .gay domain lets you deliver content tailored for the gay community. Whether you’re an LGBTQ advocate or a queer-led fashion business, there’s no better domain to represent your brand than .gay.

.gay is for organisations and movements that fight for equality and acceptance among the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. These parties can better get their message across to the right people with a domain name that shows exactly what they’re all about.

The gay community continues to find representation across all industries, including the world of entrepreneurship. LGBTQ-owned businesses should be able to show what they bring to the table with their own unique domain.

Proceeds go to relevant orgs

Getting a .gay domain won’t only make your brand fab and progressive. You’re also doing it for a good cause. The .gay registry dedicates 20% of its .gay new registration revenue to benefit LGBTQ organisationsThese funds aim to help them address key issues brewing within the community.

If you support the LGBTQ community, a .gay domain will let people know that your brand or business is waving the rainbow flag alongside them.

Show your stand for inclusivity 

With a. gay domain, you send a signal to the entire population that your business values inclusivity and shows full support for the LGBTQ community.

Members of the community often struggle with rejection and discrimination, not only in their own families but in different parts of society. It’s time for brands and businesses to break this medieval mindset.

Let your online space be a medium where people of all gender can safely express themselves in public without judgment or criticisms.

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Open doors for the LGBTQ community 

Registering a .gay domain for your business website lets you show off diversity within your team. This simple act will not only promote inclusivity. It will also break stereotypes by attracting top talent regardless of gender.

Depending on where your location is, the community might not have the same protection or recognition. With a .gay domain, you set your business apart by showing potential employees that LGBTQ members will find a safe working environment behind your doors.

Stand proud with .gay

In a world full of hate and discrimination, take the first step in bringing a positive change. With .gay domains now available, you have the chance to celebrate humanity and connect with your audience, no matter their gender or preference.

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