A business proposal can make or break a business deal.

Many organisations and government bodies frequently float requests for proposals from vendors to help complete a project. When your business needs to win, the business proposal you submit needs to be a winner as well. 

While many choose to invest in software and apps to create impactful business proposals, there are free templates you can use, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Let’s understand what makes an impressive business proposal and how certain tools and templates can help you achieve that.

What is a Business Proposal, by the way?

A business proposal is a document you present to a potential customer with the purpose to convince them to buy from you. It should highlight how customers can benefit from your product/service. Simply put, your business proposal must represent your organisation with its best foot forward.

It may sound like a quote; however, there is one fundamental difference. While a quote lists your scope of work and the prices you charge, a business proposal aims at selling the value of your business and the potential opportunity for fostering a long-term relationship.

A business proposal gives your client an idea of what your business stands for and what it hopes to achieve. It should deliver a roadmap of your plans setting clear expectations for your client.

Writing an impactful business proposal is the cornerstone to achieving valuable, long-term business partners with businesses that understand and resonate with the ethos of your business. You can use sample business proposal templates to help you out.

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Essential Elements of a Great Business Proposal

A good business proposal is built with patience, brick by brick. Below is a list of the essential elements a good proposal template design should have:

  • Cover Page: This page carries attention-grabbing visual content that invites the client to open the proposal. 
  • Introduction: Use this section to express thanks to your client for considering your business. Tell them what the proposal is about. 
  • Project Summary: Explain your understanding of their project and how you plan to help them make it a reality. 
  • Unique Selling Point: Tell them why your business is the best fit for this project. 
  • Bio: Introduce the team that will be working on this project. Include the contact details and the address and website of your business.
  • Process: Explain how you plan to work on this project and the detailed timeline you require to complete it.
  • Fees/Charges: Give your client the best deal you can. Make sure you lay out transparent pricing without hidden fees/charges.
  • Terms and Conditions: Transparency in your expectations from the client is key to driving a good relationship forward.
  • Agreement: Attach an agreement that the client can sign.

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Resources for Free Business Proposal Templates 

The best thing about the internet is that you can find almost anything online. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to access stunning proposal template designs, leverage the resources listed below:

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is a great place to start for attractive sample business proposals. Even the free version of the software hosts a gallery of templates across various industries. You can select a business proposal template that works for your business.

You need to download the free version of MS Office, launch Microsoft Word, and search for a proposal template design from the template library displayed on the app launch screen.

Microsoft Business proposal templates

Google Docs 

Google docs has become the go-to collaboration tool for businesses in an online-first world. It also provides you with a full-fledged library of great business proposal template designs that you can use.

You can log in to your Google account or use your Gmail account to access these templates. Alternatively, you can use them as a visitor if you don’t have an account on Google. It may limit direct shareability, but you can still download and share the proposal as a file.

Google Docs Business proposal template


Canva is rapidly becoming popular among internet socialites as a great tool for creating infographics and social posts.

It is little known that this free software hosts an extensive library of business-use and professional templates, including attractive business proposal template designs.

You can download the Canva app on your phone or desktop, or simply launch it in your browser, to access the library. Most of the templates available on this platform are free. Some may have paid elements, while others may be accessible with a paid subscription.

Canva business proposal templates

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Paid Software 

Software like Proposify, Better Proposals, and Panda Doc are some of the most popular tools for creating business proposals. They’re available on a paid subscription model and offer added functionality that other free software and tools don’t have.

These tools help streamline the process significantly with their focused functionality.

Simplify Your Business Proposal Design

Designing a good business proposal can be as easy as downloading a template and populating it.

With that said, the other aspects of your business, like its logo and domain name, need to be at par as well. Get a great logo design and register a custom domain for your business in support of a good business proposal!