Until a few years ago, having a great-looking website required programming skills.

To become a good website creator, you had to learn how to code in languages like HTML, PHP, Javascript, PHP, and more. If you couldn’t do this, you had to hire an expensive programmer.

Fortunately, things have changed.

Various website tools are now available — each with a different level of control and customisation. They even have different options fit for all budget levels.

What are the options available in Crazy Domains?

Crazy Domains have three offerings that will help you get a website: Web Hosting, Website Builder, and Web Design.

Web Hosting

Web hosting

Web hosts provide servers where you can store your website and make it accessible on the web.

Because you only get server space with a web hosting plan, you have to build your website from scratch. But this presents many advantages — total flexibility in making any kind of website, ability to scale, and complete control over your site content and design.

This makes Web Hosting perfect for skilled programmers looking to publish their website online.

Web Design

Web design

With Web Design, you hire skilled programmers to do the work for you. All you need to do is provide a brief of all you need to have on your website, sit back, and let them do their coding magic.

Website Builder

Website builder

Website builders have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. They mark the middle ground between pure web hosting and web design.

Instead of hard coding, you only have to drag and drop what you want to have on your website. There are also ready-made templates for you to choose from.

Generally, pages aren’t too customisable, but you can get a solid website up within a couple of weeks and at a low cost.

Learn how to get your website online

If you want to understand more about the different web building solutions, take our Getting Your Website Online course. You’ll not only learn which service would best suit your website needs but also the impact of choosing the right domain name and hosting platform.

So what’s the right product for you?

In choosing the best product for you to use, you have to consider four factors:

  • Your business needs
  • Your technical know-how
  • The complexity of each product
  • Your budget

To help you decide, take this quick and easy quiz below. Answer a few questions and we’ll give you the right Crazy Domains product for you.