Your domain is more than just a step to get you on the digital map. It’s crucial to building your website’s branding and credibility. It’s something that should take careful thought on how it impacts your online presence.

Business owners searching for domains should get familiar with generic top-level domains (gTLDs). In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about gTLDs and how to choose a great one for your business.

What Is a Generic Top-Level Domain?

A generic top-level domain or gTLD is a category of top-level domains. For context, TLDs are those that follow the dot in a domain name (i.e., the “com” in gTLDs essentially inform users about a website’s purpose and aren’t tied to a specific country or region (as opposed to country-code TLDs).

Here are some of the most widely used gTLDs:

  • .com – Originally intended for commercials, it’s now the most used domain for any website for blogs, ecommerce, or personal sites.
  • .org – Commonly used by non-profit organisations but is also open for registration to any institution, group, or individual.
  • .net – Popular among internet-affiliated companies such as internet services, hosting companies, and network infrastructure providers.
  • .biz – Usually used by businesses as an alternative to the more in-demand .com, especially by small to medium enterprises, to set themselves apart.
  • .co – A versatile alternative to .com for registrants whose ideal domain names are already unavailable with the .com extension.
  • .info – This is a great domain extension for resource and information sites, such as newspapers, knowledge blogs, and educational establishments.

gTLDs are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You can find the complete list of TLDs on IANA’s Root Zone Database.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right gTLD For Your Business

Make Sure It’s Relevant

Your domain is an extension of your business online. People will see your domain and think of your business. It’s only right that you choose a gTLD that’s relevant to what you do and what you’re offering. For example, a .shop would be a great fit if you’re running an e-commerce. Likely, a .org will make an excellent domain for a website promoting a noble cause movement.

Target Your Locale

geographic TLD

If you have a physical location, you’d want your website to reach nearby customers and get them to your door. Consider choosing domains that are unique to your locale. There’s a subtype of gTLDs that’s perfect for this: geographic TLDs.

Geographic TLDs or geoTLDs are part of the New gTLD program to expand the domain name system. These TLDs aim to represent regions, cultures, ethnicities, and languages in the online space. Some examples of geoTLDs are .nyc, .asia, and .nyc.

So, if your business address is in Melbourne, you’d benefit significantly from a .melbourne domain. It grants you a higher chance of appearing on top local searches. You’d also win the hearts of locals who want to support one of their own.

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Explore Other Options

You’d do well by going the .com route. It’s classic, simple, recognisable, and fits every industry. But popular domains like that quickly become unavailable. Unless you have a unique brand name that you can attach to your gTLD, someone else likely has already registered your ideal domain.

Don’t give up just yet. Don’t compromise your brand over an unavailable domain. Think of other alternatives that you can work around with. Good thing there are over a thousand gTLDs to choose from. Surely, you’ll find one that fits your business even better than the overly-used .com.

If you have a fashion brand named “Glamour.” You can register for other related gTLDs such as glamour.clothes or You’ll come up with the most unique and catchy domains.

As Always, Keep It Short

You may have heard this a couple of times on different occasions. But to reiterate, the shorter, the better. Fewer syllables mean better recall. And better recall means you remain top of mind among your target audience. Brand recognition is critical to helping you draw people to your brand. A long and complex domain won’t stick with your customers.

Get Your gTLD Today!

A domain name that best represents your brand and resonates well with your domain is a critical digital asset to your online success. It helps elevate your business’ branding and visibility online. Regarding gTLDs, you need to consider several factors before settling on one. Your domain choice will be attached to your online presence forever. Remember these tips to ensure you register a great domain that’ll contribute to your business’ growth.

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