One of the secrets to improving online awareness and traffic is by choosing a specific domain name that resonates your brand. Domain names that directly tell users what you offer getmore attention—both from customers and search engines. It’s an advantage for startups and SMBs aiming to start on the right foot.

In this blog, we’ll talk about two specific business domains names that will help you achieve that and and .business.

.digital is the perfect domain for brands offering digital products or services. This includes tech firms, digital design artists, and freelance software developers.

As for .business, it’s the domain for anyone that sells anything— and we mean anything. With that, let’s take a closer look as to why both domains are worth securing.

.digital for every aspiring tech company

The .digital domain is part of ICANN’S new generic top-level domain program, which aims to enhance brand competition and innovation online. It offers brands, firms, and digital creatives two substantial advantages: creativity and SEO support.

.digital gives you creative freedom

.digital gives you creative freedom

Securing a .digital domain gives you the creative freedom to whip up a catchy and memorable web address. Creative domain names don’t have to be extravagant or over-the-top.

Often, it’s the simple and straightforward ones that capture customer attention.

Let’s say you have a design firm called We Design that offers a variety of digital design services, such as web and graphic design. Instead of using, you can make it shorter with

Being creative with a .digital domain makes your business unique, memorable, and brandable.

.digital boosts SEO

.digital boosts SEO

Another advantage of the .digital domain is that it improves SEO performance.

.digital gives customers a glimpse of who you are and what your business is all about. So, those who look for digital solutions are more likely to visit a website with a .digital domain than some random business name.

If you have relevant keywords within your domain name, your customers will know right away that you offer what they’re looking for.

And when users are impressed, Google is as well. Search engines are more likely to tag your website as reputable if it drives huge traffic. This means users trust you and enjoy their experience with your website. That’s an excellent factor that gets Google’s attention.

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Now let’s get down to .business.

.business for every gunning entrepreneur

.business is another gTLD from ICANN that doesn’t require a pre-registration verification. .business is for anyone who does business or wants to separate themselves from competitors.

.business is for any business—literally

.business is for any business—literally

.business offers nothing but flexibility to its registrants. It’s for every industry or individual looking to go online to increase their brand awareness, traffic, and ROI. And no doubt, your customers will know that you offer a product or service.

Whether you offer real estate services, sell art, or supply furniture, placing a .business at the end of your web address instantly signals users what you do—to explore your website and take your offer.

And you’re not only reeling customers in. A .business domain name also helps potential brand partners and suppliers find your business and engage with you.

.business separates you from competitors

.business separates you from competitors

Try to recall the last time you saw a business website that had a .business domain.

Don’t remember anything? That’s probably because almost everyone uses a .com domain. There’s a high chance your competitors use them too.

Edge out of the competition by separating your brand with .business.

Standing out from a sea of .com domains makes you look innovative, unique, and interesting.

Say you and a competitor sell local coffee beans online and your website,, is up against vs. coffeebeans.businsess

If you try to analyse it from a user’s perspective, doesn’t clearly state what the website is all about. It might just be pictures or a top 10 list of the best coffee beans in the world. Who knows?

It’s a different story with By using a .business domain, you quickly inform users you produce or sell coffee beans.

Look beyond .com

Both .digital and .business domains are excellent options for anyone looking to go beyond the usual .com domain, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or a small business!

If you want to promote your business, go for a .business domain. If you belong to the digital industry, whether you’re a business or a professional, secure a .digital domain.

Register your brand with these top TLDs now and experience all the advantages they have to offer.

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You may also consider .PROPERTY domain search for real estate companies.