Email is one of the things that everybody expects to be free. With a great number of free email platforms, why on earth should you spend money to create your own custom email address? 

There are seven main reasons why a custom email address with your domain name is essential.  

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Why you need a personalised email address 

It’s a marketing opportunity

With an email address that includes your domain, every message you send turns into a link to your site. It gives your site more exposure and reminds people who you are and, by extension, what you do. 

Every time someone sees an email from [email protected], it might remind them of who you are. If they see one from [email protected], then they’ll remember what and where your business is.  

Sending emails from a free email account advertises the service you’re using. Sending it from your domain advertises your site. 

It makes you more professional and credible

Free email vs custom email  

If a customer or potential client receives your emails and sees that they’re from a free email address, they may get the impression that you’re not taking things seriously.  

Think about it. If you receive a sales email, which would you trust – the one from [email protected] or from [email protected]? 

The former appears like the business hasn’t even invested the small amount of time and money it takes to create a professional email address.  

You want customers to see the effort you put into your business. That builds trust and confidence. 

And it’s not just customers who assess your emails – spam filters do, too. This brings us to our next point. 

It increases delivery and open rates

If you try to send mass emails from a free account, you’ll immediately see the difference.  

Emails from free accounts are more likely to be flagged as spam. This is understandable, as spammers are less likely to spend money on creating email addresses that end up getting banned. 

Not only that – Gmail has also banned mass mailings from their account, limiting users to 500 per day. This makes it challenging for you to send bulk emails to your customers using a free Gmail account. 

Using custom email accounts eliminates this threat.  

Most email hosting providers offer the service to accommodate businesses that are interested in email marketing. With that in mind, they won’t impose stingy email limits. A win for you!

It eliminates ads or data mining

Gmail ads

A lot of free email services sustain their business by including ads. There’s nothing wrong with this in principle. But a lot of people dislike their emails being mined for data and using it to target ads.

In the end, free services are still monetised. It’s just that you’re not their customer. Their customer is the entity that posts the ads. Naturally, these free services will do what they need to keep their customers happy.

This isn’t the case for paid email services. They don’t rely on ads for revenue, so you get seamless service without the distraction.  It may cost you more, but securing your private info is one good payoff.

It’s easy to create multiple emails for your business

Email hosting services let you create multiple emails for various purposes — marketing, order processing, customer service, and others. This builds a more professional business image. This also makes it more convenient to organise and track emails.  

Having a custom email address also allows you to set a standard when making multiple email addresses. 

Let’s say you want to grow your staff. Using a free email service is an obstacle. You have to consider if your chosen email is available and keep it on-brand at the same time.  

So, imagine having [email protected] or [email protected] as a business email address. It’s lengthy and hard for your customers to remember. Not to mention, it won’t sound professional.

Using a paid email service makes your emails look consistent and legitimate. You can use [email protected] for departments and [email protected] or [email protected] for employee emails. 

It maintains your email security

Having a custom email gives you more control over privacy and access. 

Let’s say you your employees use a personal email to conduct business with your customers. When they resign, you won’t be able to retrieve those emails back. Turning them over to another employee will be impossible.  

To make things worse, data from these emails can end up in people with bad intentions. 

If you give your employees a custom email, you keep their emails in your jurisdiction — even when they leave. Turning them over to new employees will then be easy. More importantly, you get to protect your information. 

It comes with your hosting plan

If you’ve purchased a domain or web hosting plan, chances are they’re bundled with an email service. Crazy Domains even includes at least 100 email addresses to their Web Hosting plans. 

Make the most out of what you paid for. Now that you know the benefits of having a custom business email, don’t miss out on the added service.  

If you don’t have a domain or web hosting plan with you, it’s no issue. There are individual email services available – with easy setup instructions to follow. 

Get your business email address now 

If you’re not using a custom email address through email hosting, you’re not saving your money. In fact, you’re throwing it away. 

Take this as an investment. When you get one, you get higher brand visibility, greater credibility, and information security. Now aren’t those long-term results so sweet?