The holiday season is one of the most anticipated yet busiest times of the year for ecommerce businesses. Right from creating brand awareness, updating their landing pages to coming up with new strategies, there is an overwhelming list of tasks to manage.

However, the season is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and boost sales. In this blog, we’ll share some of the best ecommerce marketing tips to help you drive a robust marketing strategy during the holidays. 

5 Helpful Tips to Run Effective Holiday Promos

1. Consider omnichannel marketing 

Consider omnichannel marketing

When it comes to running holiday promos for your ecommerce business, sticking to only one avenue of marketing is simply not enough. Customers today are omnipresent and are hanging out in all kinds of places. That’s why it’s important to adjust your tactics in reaching out to them.

One of the excellent ways to capture and sustain customer engagement is using newsletters and email marketing. Similarly, leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get you in front of your followers as well as prospects.

Another thing to consider here is the change of approach from channel to channel. For instance, your email newsletter should be different from your onsite banner copy, and your CTAs for Facebook should be different from the aesthetics for Instagram. The need is to A/B test multiple channels and content variations to bring in the broadest range of customers to improve sales numbers.

Email Campaigns

2. Get creative with your promotional campaigns 

Get creative with your promotional campaigns

Customers don’t mind spending extra during the holiday season. However, that doesn’t mean that each of your holiday campaigns will bring in high returns. What is required here is to get creative in designing your holiday campaign. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Creating a holiday gift guide: Think about helping your customers find the perfect gift with a curated holiday gift guide. Make a bundle of your best-selling products around a holiday theme. 
  • Offering a personalised combo: Another idea is to create a personalised holiday combo for every customer. This is a great strategy to grab their attention. It drives them into thinking that they’re saving more when purchasing combo products.
  • Offering free shipping: To further spruce up your promotional campaign, make sure to provide free shipping and free holiday gift wrapping. You can set a minimum spending threshold that the buyers need to reach to avail of the offer.

3. Offer tiered discounts 

Running a tiered discount structure where the more the customers spend, the more they save is another excellent strategy to boost sales. This helps you grab customer attention and encourage bigger purchases.

For instance, if a customer purchases merchandise worth $400 or more, they’ll save 10%. Similarly, if they spend $600 or more, they’ll save 20%. However, if they purchase items worth $1,000, they can save a whopping 35%.

4. Host a holiday-themed contest 

Host a holiday-themed contest

Time to put your social media profiles to good use. It’s the best platform to run holiday-themed contests boosting customer engagement.

You can run a challenge or a contest where your followers need to like your post, tag a friend or engage with your content in some other way. You can also explore other ideas such as a holiday photo contest or running a Christmas countdown giveaway with different gifts to win every day.

5. Partner with various online retail channels 

Partner with various online retail channels_

With an increasing number of consumers expected to shop online this holiday season, it becomes more important to use every platform to sell your products.

You can do this by partnering with online retail channels like Amazon and Etsy. You may think it’s unnecessary since you already have your own ecommerce site. But it pays a lot to partner with them and reap benefits, including:

  • Boost sales and conversions: Most buyers prefer to purchase products from popular retail channels like Amazon. This is because they’re more familiar and comfortable with the shopping and payment process. So, when curating your holiday promos, make sure to mention other places online where your customers can purchase your product. Giving them a variety of options to find your product, also increases your chance of generating more sales. 
  • Gain new customers: Partnering with retail channels doesn’t only boost your sales but also your brand visibility. It’s a gateway to promote that your brand exists, attracting new customers.

Make the holidays more bountiful for your business 

The holiday season presents the biggest opportunity for ecommerce businesses to boost their sales and revenue. It is a great chance to offer deals that coax both existing and prospective customers to stick around and come back to you even after the holiday season is over.

All in all, marketing during the holiday season is primarily about identifying the gaps you need to fill and implementing ways to support your customers better. Use the above tips to make your ecommerce business holiday-ready, and before you know it, you’ll be welcoming excited holiday shoppers with ease.