A website is now every business’s must-have tool to efficiently adapt to the uncertain future. This also means that online competition is only getting bigger.

Stay on top of your game by ensuring your website is performing at its best all the time. Customers look at great user experience as a major factor to trust a brand. 88% of them don’t revisit a site that offers a bad experience.

It also impacts your search engine ranking which means a bad design could end up making your site almost nonexistent.

Let’s look at the top reasons why your website is not giving you the best engagements and sales.

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Sales

Website Content Loads Forever

Did you know? According to Curatti, 47% of users expect a maximum of two seconds of loading time for an average website.

Slow-loading websites lose traffic and dampen confidence in your brand, which means lost customers and sales. 

It can also cause your search engine ranking to slump as it increases bounce rates (users who leave the site without interacting with it). More users leaving the site will lead to lower traffic and poor lead generation. And the solution? Quite simple!

You can use website speed optimisation tools. But they tend to be very technical and require expertise. In this case, you should go back to your website foundation – your web hosting. Make sure your website is running on SSD (Solid State Drive) for faster speeds. 

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Customers Don’t Feel Safe

Data breaches can spell a death wish for your brand. Strengthen customers’ trust by ensuring safe browsing with an SSL Certificate. It’s the small lock symbol displayed in the address bar indicating that the connection to the website that the person is trying to access is secure. Why is this important?

Site Security

Without an SSL certificate, all the data that passes through your site is vulnerable to cybercriminals. SSL encrypts this data and offers a secure connection, thus, protecting sensitive personal data like payment credentials and addresses.

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Consumer Trust

Google and several other search engines display a “Not Secure” pop-up warning for websites lacking an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate can build customer confidence to interact with and make purchases from the website.

Search Engine Rankings

Google has admitted that if all other factors are equal, a website with SSL has an advantage over one that doesn’t. Sites with lower bounce rates have better search engine rankings than their peers, which can amplify the traffic routed to your site.

Site is Not Well-Optimised for Search Engines

Your site is not well-optimised for search engines

SEO is a crucial digital marketing tool for businesses looking to succeed and grow online. It helps improve your online visibility bringing you closer to your customers. Reports show that the first page of the search engine result enjoys 95% of the search traffic.

Search engines are an online marketplace for websites. The higher your search rankings, the higher the chance to rake in traffic and leads. Search engines have algorithms that direct traffic to a particular domain of relevance to the user. By implementing SEO, you give search engines relevant information to index and display your website at the top of search results, thus boosting organic traffic. 

How to do this?

  1. Understand user intent and pitch your brand with high-value SEO keywords related to your business, products, or services.
  2. Build backlinks with reputable sites.
  3. Create SEO-driven content. 
  4. Audit and update SEO content regularly.
  5. Track your SEO performance.

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Lack of Great Mobile Experience

From just looking for information to purchasing, mobile search is the way to go. In fact, more than half of online searches are done through mobile. And 67% of visitors are more likely to buy from a website that offers a great mobile experience. Imagine all the sales you’ll be losing!

Always aim for a responsive website. You can opt for a website builder that lets you easily optimise your website for different screen sizes, ensuring smooth navigation.

Here are more tips on how to win over customers with your web design:

  • Equip your website with crystal-clear information about what you offer. Your website should immediately tell customers about your Unique Selling Points or what differentiates your brand from competitors. 
  • Design a high-quality layout with clear readability and visuals. Go easy on harsh colours and visuals which block out texts and avoid dated images.
  • Easy and smooth website navigation. Make your navigation menu visible, have clear call-to-action buttons, and add social sharing icons.
  • SEO-friendly and clean URL helps clients find you easily. Incorporate relevant keywords in your URLs and avoid using special characters.

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Bonus: Wicked Halloween Web Design Ideas to Improve Your Conversions

Dare to be more adventurous with your web design this Halloween. Doing so will not only improve your branding but will also make your business relatable, gaining customers’ attention.

There are endless ways to quickly revamp your website for the occasion. Here are a few ideas you can start with:

1. Halloween-themed website background

Halloween-themed website background

2. Spooky all-the-way homepage banner

Halloween Homepage Banner

3. A creepy cute pricing page

Halloween elements to their pricing page (1)

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Make the most ROI out of your website

Having a digital presence is now crucial for businesses more than ever. It offered a powerful way for businesses to ensure business continuity despite uncertainties and a new avenue to grow.

With the growing online competition, it can be hard to sell your products/services. That’s why you should invest in bettering your website’s performance with the most reliable online solutions. 

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