In today’s digital age, many businesses have recognised the importance of having an online store to reach customers beyond their standard brick-and-mortar locations. If you haven’t created an online store yet, you may find that your competitors already have an edge over you. 

However, creating an online store can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s where WooCommerce comes in – it’s a powerful hosting solution designed to simplify the process of building an online store. 

Get to know more about WooCommerce and how you can use it to create an online store smoothly.  

What Is WooCommerce? 

what is woocommerce

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin designed for WordPress-based websites. If you already have a WordPress website, you can install the WooCommerce plugin and start creating an online store immediately. This plugin provides a vast array of features and functionalities that allow you to easily manage your online store. With WooCommerce, you can add new products, manage inventory, track orders, organise payment and shipping gateways, and much more. Additionally, WooCommerce has a variety of themes that you can customise to create a cohesive and visually appealing website. 

What Features Can You Enjoy with WooCommerce? 

Enjoy these features with WooCommerce: 

Add Unlimited Products 

There’s no limit on how many products you can add on your online store with WooCommerce. This gives your customers a wide range of products to choose from. You can add a product description, product image, product tags, and more to give your customers additional info about the product that you’re selling. 

Step-By-Step Store Setup & Guidance 

You’ll get a guided store creation when you begin to set up your online store. This makes the entire process streamlined and hassle-free, especially if you’re a first timer. 

Payment & Shipping Integrations 

Collect payments from your customers easily with PayPal. For shipping integrations, WooCommerce supports FedEx, UPS, DHL, Australia Post, Aramex Australia, Sendle, CouriersPlease, and more. 

Yith Plugins 

Enjoy these Yith plugins that streamline your customers’ online store experience: 

  • Bookings and Appointments. Allow your customers to book appointments, services, cars, houses, and more easily with this plugin.  
  • Product Search and Filter. Allows customers to find the product that they’re looking for easily. They can do this by filtering the search results or by searching according to tags, categories, and more.  
  • Customise My Account page. You can edit your customers’ My Account page by choosing what endpoints (Dashboard, My Orders, My Downloads, etc.) to add or to remove. You can also change their orders of arrangement so that customers can access the essential ones first. 
  • Gift Cards. Create gift cards easily and sell them to your customers online. From the WooCommerce dashboard, you can generate a code, enter its equivalent amount, expiration date, and more.  
  • Wish List. Your customers can create a wish list containing the products that they want. They can use this wish list to locate their products easily and purchase at a later date. 

Performance Tracking 

Track your store’s performance by accessing the Analytics tab on your WooCommerce dashboard. Here, you can see your total sales, number of orders, number of products sold, and more. You can use this info to improve or retain your marketing strategies in the future. 

Customisable Themes 

WooCommerce’s eye-catching themes can be customised to how you see fit. Edit the blocks, change the colors, typography, layout, and more so that it fits your branding.  

How WooCommerce Works

Because WooCommerce is integrated in WordPress, you need to purchase a WooCommerce hosting plan first. Once you’ve chosen a plan and made payment for it, WordPress and WooCommerce will automatically be installed. You’ll also be provided with a guided store creation to make the entire online store-making process easier for you. 

You can then begin to add your products, change your website’s appearance, and more once you’ve acclimated to your dashboard’s environment. 

Perks of Using WooCommerce 

Here are the advantages that you can enjoy with WooCommerce: 


WooCommerce hosting plans are affordable with only $10/month or $20/month, depending on your preference or business needs. You’ll get extensive features already with a single plan without hurting your pockets.  

Sell basically anything 

You can sell basically any product with WooCommerce. Sell various types of products such as clothing, jewelry, animal food, subscriptions, eBooks, and many more.  

Varied website themes 

Explore different stunning themes for your website and modify it according to your branding. Choose among the free and premium themes to create an on-brand website. 

Lots of WooCommerce plugins to choose from 

If you desire a more optimal website performance, you can choose from WooCommerce plugins to purchase and download. You can head to the Marketplace tab in your Dashboard and access different eCommerce, security, featured, SEO, and services plugins.  

Create an Online Store Effortlessly  

Building an online store can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re unsure where to start. However, with WooCommerce, you can create an online store effortlessly, thanks to its extensive range of features and functionalities.  

Our WooCommerce hosting solution offers affordable plans that are packed with eCommerce features, making it easy for you to set up your online store without any difficulty. Whether you’re a small business owner or an established retailer, WooCommerce can help you build a successful online store and reach customers beyond your brick-and-mortar location. 

Visit the WooCommerce Online Store page to learn more.